Jesus, grace, and LGBT conversations

(Video) Andrew Marin speaks at Newsong Church in California

Speaker: Andrew Marin


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For The Bible Tells Me So – Full Movie Online!

Thanks to @Rejectministry via Twitter!

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Two Types of Christians in Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade.

Video from Andrew Marin

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Love Is An Orientation

I want to read this book!  If you have read it, please add your comments below.  The Internet Monk has posted his “highest recommendation”.

It is a book that will put most of you into an immediate struggle. You are going to read what Marin says about the situation between Evangelicals and the Gay community with intense appreciation, but part of your ingrained evangelical training will be talking to you the whole time, telling you to stop thinking about anything other than the abomination of Gay sex and the verses that apply. You’ll want to shut it and you’ll want to keep reading. You’ll know you need this and you aren’t hearing it anywhere else, but part of you will say you’re slipping into squishy, emerging liberalism.

You aren’t. You are applying the Gospel.

via My Highest Recommendation: Love Is An Orientation by Andrew Marin |

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“We understand that Jesus welcomed outsiders and outcasts of all kinds. That’s the behavior we want to emulate”

Now, many individual churches are choosing to publicly accept gays and lesbians, both as members and as clergy, Siker said. The goal of those churches is usually to sway their denominations to follow their lead. Denominational leaders sometimes discipline such churches, and sometimes they let them slide, Siker said.

“The churches that are becoming openly inclusive don’t want to leave their denominations,” he said. “They’re willing to stand in some tension with official denominational policy in order to try and bring about some change.”

via The Enterprise Newspapers: Gay-friendly shift at 2 churches.

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When did you choose to be straight? (video)

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Church of England bishop says gays should ‘repent’

I don’t understand the fierce condemnation of LGBT people by clergy claiming to stand on the authority of church history and tradition.  We follow Jesus.  He is our Lord and authority.  The scripture is our guide.  Church history (in all of it’s Greco-Roman pagan design) is not.

Religious leaders can pursue power, influence, and the law, but our call is to Jesus and to honor God with our whole lives.  Let us follow the way of our Lord: Peacemakers, humble, compassionate, caring for the poor, and proclaiming God’s kingdom and love for all His creation.

“Archbishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper that the Bible defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman. He said the church welcomed gay people, “but we want them to repent and be changed.”

“We want to hold on to the traditional teaching of the church,” he told the newspaper. “We don’t want to be rolled over by culture and trends in the church.”

via The Associated Press: Church of England bishop says gays should ‘repent’.

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Apparently Peter LaBarbera thinks that no Christian struggles with porn or other sexual issues… really?

BARNA REPORT ON HOMOSEXUALS DISPUTED — Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says The Barna Group spoke too cavalierly about what it called “homosexual Christians” in a recent report.

The report, released June 22, was based on a survey of about 9,200 randomly selected adults, 280 of whom were self-identified homosexuals. Barna compared their questionnaire responses to those of heterosexual respondents on spiritual issues.

Among the findings:

— Heterosexuals were twice as likely as homosexuals to strongly agree that the Bible is totally accurate in all of the principles it teaches.

— Heterosexual adults were nearly twice as likely as homosexuals to qualify as born-again Christians according to a definition Barna employs.

— About 40 percent of the homosexuals surveyed possessed a pantheistic view about deity — that “God” refers to any of a variety of perspectives, such as personally achieving a state of higher consciousness or maximized personal potential or that there are multiple gods that exist or that everyone is god.

— Homosexuals assigned a lower priority to family and placed a higher emphasis on the importance of their lifestyles.

“People who portray gay adults as godless, hedonistic, Christian bashers are not working with the facts,” George Barna said. “A substantial majority of gays cite their faith as a central facet of their life, consider themselves to be Christian and claim to have some type of meaningful personal commitment to Jesus Christ active in their life today.”

LaBarbera took issue with Barna using the term “homosexual Christians.”

“My test is to substitute another sexual sin and see if it makes sense,” he told “Would we be talking about a survey of porn-using Christians or incestuous Christians? That sounds stark, but that’s, I believe, the appropriate biblical analogy.”

He also said Barna is naïve if he thinks the homosexual movement is not made up of “hedonistic Christian bashers.”

“I think there are Christians who struggle with the sin of homosexuality — but proud homosexual Christians? That’s an oxymoron to me in the same way as I would say proud adulterous Christians,” LaBarbera said.

“And so, I think we have to be very careful because I see the tactic of the Emergent Church and the Christian left is to start talking more and more about ‘gay Christians,’ and what they end up doing is demonizing the so-called ‘Religious Right’ and saying that the Religious Right is all wrong in the way it has talked about homosexuality.”

via Baptist Press – CULTURE DIGEST: Benefits of alcohol in moderation debated; Barna poll assessed – News with a Christian Perspective.

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India: Gay ruling a HUGE step for civil rights!

The court acknowledged that there was “unanimous medical and psychiatric opinion that homosexuality is not a disease or a disorder and is just another express of human sexuality.” In other words, the court backed its jurisprudendtial breakthrough with medical evidence.

via Gay ruling paves way for a more equal society – India – The Times of India.

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Mennonites protest church exclusion of gays

“I was astounded when I talked with a mother who said she was grateful that her gay son and his partner left the church,” Lapp told those gathered at the protest. “It was too painful to have him stay and be rejected.”

via The Associated Press: Mennonites protest church exclusion of gays.

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